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About Hares on the Mountain

Hares on the Mountain tells the story of Sally, a 22-year-old girl who faced sexual trauma in her adolescence. This is an experimental project, where Sally tells her story to the world in an untraditional format: a comic. 


As we get older, we’re expected to rely less on books containing images as they’re often seen as childish. However, the medium of comics affords journalists many privileges, especially when reporting on sensitive or dense topics.


The main goal of this project was to try and turn out a story on sensitive material in a way that wouldn’t re-traumatize the people sharing their stories, but also make their stories more consumable. Due to their nature, it’s hard for a journalist to add any variation to stories on sensitive topics without running into moral or legal issues. As a result, these stories can become a bit cookie-cutter and potentially look and sound the same. However, comics journalism and illustration allow for certain creative liberties that writing, video, or digital graphics can’t provide us with. 


My other big goal was incorporating my sources into the project and giving them a say as to how their stories get told. This comic is as much theirs as it is mine, and I wanted the process to help them regain ownership of their stories in the process of telling them. 


That being said, this project does contain mild descriptions and references to sexual assault. Please use your discretion if you think you may not feel comfortable viewing it. I ask that you respect those involved in this project and just as importantly, that you take care of yourselves and those around you. If you or anyone you know needs help of any kind, resources are available on this site under the Resources tab, as well as emergency service contact information.


Thank you to all my sources for trusting me with their time and stories, and thank you for taking the time to view this project. I hope Sally’s story sticks with you and that you learn something.


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